The Village Voice

Wednesday 7 March 2012
by  NLLG

Top Shelf 2005

The Village Voice, December 6, 2005

Europeana is like Harper’s Weekly Review extended across the 20th century: a bunch of neutral sentences that promise via sequentiality to make an endlessly dissolving narrative from “events.” Here the facts are weighted: more sentences about WW I than jogging, though both appear, and ghostly power is vested in the magical word and. “And writers and poets endeavored to find ways of expressing it best and in 1916 they invented Dadaism because everything seemed crazy to them. And in Russia they invented a revolution. And the soldiers wore around their neck or wrist a tag...” History, or a knifing of the progressive humanist delusion that there’s such a thing as history in the first place? Yes, exactly. A tragicomic prose poem to make poets weep with envy, to make everyone weep.